Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To the Loire Valley

This was our last morning in Saint Malo for our group before we had to hit the road again. Most of the day consisted of driving on the bus, but we also made a few pit-stops. We stopped at a city called Angers. After a quick twenty minute tour with Audrey, we were allowed some free time. We could either visit the Medieval castle and its huge tapestries of the Apocalypse or the Cathedral. This is also where we ate lunch for the day. After the short stop in Angers, we were back on the road again towards the Loire Valley. We took the scenic road along the river and drove through small towns that had castles where we stopped and took a few pictures. One of them was Ussé, the castle that inspired the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.
Then we arrived at the castle of Villandry. Audrey gave us lots of information regarding the history of the castle and how the gardens were designed. The gardens were very beautiful and from one view, you could see the entire landscape.
All the students were then allowed to walk around the gardens on our own before we had to head back to the bus.
After that, we were off to our final destination for the day: Tours. After arriving in Tours, we all got situated in our hotel rooms and then headed off to dinner. At the diner, the teachers played a small April Fools joke on the students telling them that we were eating "tripe" for dinner (part of the stomach of an animal). But when the food came, it was actually just pork and potatoes. Very clever. Michael Maurer

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