Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One more glimpse at a family stay

I'll try to sum it up quickly, because these French keyboards are extremely confusing. If I tried to elaborate on everything, it'd take all day to type! Also, my English has deteriorated considerably, so please bear with me if this isn't as eloquent as it should be.

My family stay has been fantastic, thus far. The only thing I could complain about is that it seems as if I just got comfortable with this situation, and tomorrow is my last day with the Chauprades. My correspondant, Tiffany, is a great match - we're both just geeky enough to enjoy museums and France Miniature (now I've seen every monument in France that matters!), but we also have fun bowling and going "out on the town." It's also interesting to live in a house full of girls. It will be strange to return to a house with five more men in it than here.

Yesterday, I woke up in my own time, because Tiffany has exams all week to prepare for the BAC. I enjoyed my usual breakfast of black coffee and toast with nutella. French food, at its best; truly magnificent. Then, I met Tiffany at school and tried to find someone to tag along with for the day. I ended up presenting in an English class with three others from our tour group, and then found Emma Reber and her correspondant! Yea! I followed her to another English class, in which they were discussing 1984.

After school, Tiffany, Florent (her boyfriend), and I watched a movie at her house. Last night reminded me of home, because everyone had their activities and I watched Mme Chauprade juggle each schedule flawlessly. I accompanied Tiffany and her mother to their dance class after dinner, in which they are dancing to songs from Chicago. It was exhausting to watch. Finally, we got home late, and I nodded off while watching "Nouvelle Star," the French equivalent of "American Idol." I somehow managed to pull myself to bed.

Wow, what an interesting, short, to-the-point blog! Thanks to whoever read all the way through it, ha.
Moira Donovan

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