Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another glimpse at a family stay

Today, I woke up around nine in the morning, after Celine had gone to school. I ate breakfast with her mom and dad, Lise and Benoit. At ten o'clock, Lise and I went to her yoga class. It was much smaller and much different than my yoga class, but still really fun. It was hard to understand what the teacher was saying, but I understood well enough. After that, Lise and I went to a really cute outside french market, something you could not find in Columbus. We bought food for lunch and for dinner. Since it rained today, we didn't do much. We arrived back at home and Lise went to pick up Celine from school while I did some packing. When Celine came home, she, Lise and I ate lunch. We ate an avacado and tomato salad, green beans and "hamburgers" (without buns). For dessert, we had the macarons that Celine, her friend Alexandra and I had made the night before. Then I did some homework, (yes, I was assigned homework by my teachers), and Celine's best friend Flavie came over! (I love her). We watched Moulin Rouge until supper time. For dinner we had delicious raclette (a cheese) and we melted it onto potatoes. Delicious! Then Flavie, Celine and I hung out for the night!
Lauren Stoll

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