Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glimpse at a family stay

Today is the second full day of my family stay. The first night with the Pichon's I went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, and yesterday I have had a wonderful time going to Paris with Apolline (My french host) Briana, Natalie (from the Illinois group) and their French hosts. Today while Apolline was studying for the Bac (a really hard test you take in school) Briana, Elenor (Apolline's little sister), their friend Rachel, and I went to Mass. I had never been to a Catholic mass before and it was different especially when I can't understand everything that the priest is saying. After Mass we had a picnic lunch and then saw the castle of Maison-Laffitte. Maison-Laffitte is the area in which I am living, it is northwest of Paris. After seeing this wonderful little castle we went to see the horseraces and see the horses jump obsticales. Maison-Laffitte is know for their horses, on the road and paths were horses and riders. It was different to see horses on the street where cars usually are going by. We then went to the stables to see more horses. Right now I'm waiting for supper, its 7:30pm by the way, and am planning on spending the evening at home unless Apolline wants to go somewhere. The family stay has been so much fun so far it is so interesting to experience a different side to France. Tomorrow I'm off to school! It should be fun!
Emma Hubacher

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