Sunday, March 29, 2009

Plane trip

We’re finally in France! After an entire day of traveling we were all pretty exausted, but we couldn’t help but be excited about finally reaching our destination. Our first flight was on a small plane and it was very short. We had a few hours layover in Detroit and Caitlin and I ate at Burger King. The second flight was much larger and they served us dinner. It was actually very good for plane food. We all tried to get some sleep but most of us couldn’t while sitting in an uncomfortable plane seat, but we did our best. It was very long and I felt really tired afterwards. Our flight arrived to Amsterdam sooner than scheduled so we had some extra time to shop around the airport. I bought my first item with Euros- a bottle of water. I personally felt like this was quite an accomplishment. Our next flight was only about 45 minutes long and I slept the entire way. I was so excited when I finally took my first steps into France. After we got our luggage (Which all made it to France) we met our tour guide and drove around the city for a while. In just one hour we saw the EiffelTower, the Arc De Triumph, and the Champs-Elysees.

~Stephanie Hearne


  1. Wow - EiffelTower, Arc De Triumph and Champs-Elysees all in one hour! What a great start. Thanks for the pictures. Actually, you all do not look that tired - must be the lively French atmosphere. Greetings to all - keep up the good touring (and posting)! Joyce Hearne

  2. Glad everone arrived safely. Boy, you've wasted no time in seeing and experiencing the sights. The photos and narrative are very professional.

    Appreciez le reste de votre voyage,

    Lauren's grandparents